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Necessity And Importance Of A Light Pole Is Always And Everywhere

Necessity And Importance Of A Light Pole Is Always And Everywhere

Light Pole is one of the important things which needed most to provide the electrification.  Common people just need a pole to have the electric wires or cables distributed and they don’t have concerns regarding the manufacturing and design of these poles.  But as far as the design of these poles is concerned, this is quite important. In case a straight light pole is available at any place, it will be difficult job to climb on top of that pole to fix some hardware to carry heavy electrical wires.

In various countries, Light Pole is designed in ladder shape so that climbing and fixing of different accessories is easy.  Apart from the normal working at poles, the lower and middle portions of these poles are also used to fix some CCTV cameras for electronic surveillance of the area too.  Normally, the latest production of light pole is being done with concrete too. 

These poles are designed in hollow shapes and easy for transportation as well as installation too.  These poles are also able to carry heavy load of electrical wires.  Apart from the installation, any other associated repair can also be provided to these poles.  Though, a lot of companies are working in the manufacturing of light poles from concrete and steel.  Steel poles are being manufactured in conventional designs too. High Mast Pole designed in such a manner that they carry different jointers to accommodate various accessories. 

These poles can also be used for distribution of electrical wires as well as installation of road lights and CCTV cameras.  On squares, you would have seen some small electric transformers hanged over these poles.  Special place is provided at these poles to have fixtures for any extra installation.  Use of steel based poles is cheaper as these are made from one material but less durable while concrete based poles are costlier but durable.  For long term, the operation of these concrete poles is considered better and economical.  All the fixtures are also available on the concrete poles so that different devices like, transformers, safety nails, road lights and CCTV cameras can be placed as per requirement.